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Executive Business Brokers understands sellers have different needs, which is why we offer three programs to help you sell your business.

1.   Sole & Exclusive Right to Sell

Executive Business Brokers (EBB) retains sole and exclusive rights to sell the business.

Advantage - Listing exclusively with EBB will give you greater exposure. As a professional organization, EBB can represent your interest and market your business better than you could on your own. Our man hours and marketing dollars combined exceed what you would be able to achieve alone. The entire organization is united in selling your business.

Disadvantage - You relinquish rights to sell your own business for the terms set forth in the contract.

2.   Agency Exclusive Agreement

EBB is the exclusive brokerage agency, but the seller can sell his /her business on their own without paying a commission to EBB.

Advantage - By retaining us you have a professional organization representing your interest and marketing your business.

Disadvantage - Brokers prefer not to compete with the seller to find a buyer. 

3.   Open Listing Agreement

The seller retains the flexibility of trying to sell business on his/her own while gaining valuable exposure to our buyers. EBB’s fee is paid only if you decide to accept an offer from one of our buyers.

Advantage - No commissions are paid to EBB unless we find you a buyer. The seller can use multiple brokers.

Disadvantage - The seller takes on the responsibility of marketing their business, dealing with non-qualified prospects, negotiating price terms and conditions, dealing with the landlords, attorneys, and accountants which are always time consuming processes. Many times these distractions affect your ability to run your business effectively. Very often businesses that are sold by owners take much longer to sell and frequently sell for less than the market value. With an open listing there may be several agencies and brokers working on the sale of your business however, many times the facts and details of your business become distorted and inconsistent. More importantly the confidentiality of the sale is diminished. In addition, many experienced brokers feel that they are competing with the seller and that their time could be better spent on exclusive listings.

A Message from EBB's President Larry Bodner
EBB's 12 point process
Experience a Smooth Transfer of Ownership with EBB
  • Results-driven
  • Confidential
  • Pre-Qualified Purchasers
  • Specialization
  • Reconstruction of Cash Flow
  • Knowledgeable
  • Accurate Business Valuation
  • Maximum Exposure
  • Professional Negotiations
  • Database Marketing
  • Results-Oriented Fee Structure
  • Internet Advertising
  • No Downtime
Determining Fair Market Value
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