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In Pursuit of the Right Business

Finding the right business for you may take more time than you expect. We offer several tools to expedite your search. If you are a first time buyer, make sure you are prepared and understand what buying a business entails. 

Start Your Search Now
If you are already aware of the process, you can start your search by:
-  Registering with EBB
-  Looking through our business listings
-  Joining the EBB Preferred Buyer Program  For Serious Buyers Only!
-  Ask EBB’s M&A Experts for help 

Familiarize Yourself with the Buying Process
A large portion of your success will depend largely on how you select a business.  There are many important factors to consider.  Some of the more critical ones include:
- Knowing why you want to own a business
- Identifying the type of business
- Distingushing the type of business organization
- Determining whether you want an established business, a franchise
  or a start-up.

Accelerate Your Search
Become an EBB Preferred Buyer and benefit from our full services.
Phases of Buying a Business
Before you start familiarize yourself with the phases.
Secure Financing Through EBB
Get the right terms and rate, work with our mortgage specialists.
Factors to Consider
When buying a business, consider these factors.
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