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Financing Through EBB Has Its Advantages

If you are purchasing an EBB listed business, consider financing it through one of our mortgage affiliates instead of working with a third party.

A Knowledgeable Team
Each transaction carries with it a unique set of circumstances that should be reflected in the financing. The importance in understanding the particulars of the sale (the individuals, their situations and goals, the deal terms, etc), gives us your team - a unique advantage over other finance providers.

Competitive Rates and the Right Terms
When you work with an EBB business broker and their mortgage specialist affiliates, you get financing at a competitive rate AND terms that are right for your situation.

Need a business loan? We encourage you to contact us for more information about our financing.

Determining Fair Market Value
Don't know how to set a price? Contact EBB for a FREE valuation.
Sell It Through EBB
List your business with EBB.
Align Your Business with Us
Set up a strategic alliance with EBB and receive commissions and business.
10 Questions to Ask
Considering a business broker? Ask the right questions when you interview prospective brokers.
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