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Selling a business is a complex, time consuming process

It requires finding buyers, qualifying them and negotiating the deal. At the same time, you still need to run your business.

This is where Executive Business Brokers can help you. We are experts at selling businesses and can guide you through the process. When you list your business with us, our services include:

Initial meeting. At this meeting, together we establish the objectives
   and timing for the sale.

Business Evaluation. EBB evaluates your company to provide you
   with a business valuation.

Listing Agreement. The seller signs an agreement with EBB outlining
   the services to be provided and our fees.

Marketing Materials. EBB prepares sales materials based on
   information from the seller that outlines the businesses operation
   and finances for prospective buyers.

Confidential Marketing All prospective buyers sign a confidentiality
   agreement prior to viewing the financial details and specifics of your

Coordinating Negotiations and Closing the Sale. EBB works with third
   parties (accountants, attorneys, bankers and landlords) to structure
   the deal and then coordinates the closing.

Sell It Through EBB!
List your business with EBB now.
EBB's 12 point process
Tips For Selling Your Business
  • Put the Books in Order
  • Determine the Value of the Business
  • Continue to Manage the Business While Selling It
  • Negotiate Effectively by Calling in an Expert
A Message from EBB's President Larry Bodner
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